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Lowes Gift Cards

Lowes Gift Cards

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Learn about Lowe’s gift cards, including how to check gift card balances, corporate gift cards, and frequently asked questions about gift cards.

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Lowes Gift Cards: Check Balance & FAQs

Lowes gift cards are a convenient and easy way to give the gift of home improvement to friends and family. You can purchase these gift cards online or in-store; they come in various designs and denominations, ranging from $10 to $500.

In addition, Lowe’s gift cards help purchase any product in-store or online, and they do not expire.

Corporate Gift Cards

Lowe’s also offers corporate gift cards, an excellent way for companies to show appreciation to their employees, clients, or partners. Consumers can customize these gift cards with the company logo and a personalized message. Corporate gift cards can be purchased in bulk, and discounts are available for large orders.

How To Check Lowes Gift Card Balance?

Checking the balance of a Lowe’s gift card is easy. You can use three ways to check the balance of your gift card:

  • Check the Balance Online: Go to the Lowe’s site for gift card balance check, enter your gift card number and PIN, and click “Check Balance.” You will be able to see your gift card balance on the screen.
  • Check the Balance In-Store: You can also check the balance of your Lowe’s gift card at any physical store. Present your gift card to the cashier, and they can tell you the credit.
  • Call Customer Service: If you prefer, call Lowe’s customer service at 1-800-560-7172 to check your gift card balance.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Lowe’s gift cards:

Can Lowe’s gift cards be used online?

You can use Lowe’s gift cards to purchase online.

Do Lowe’s gift cards expire?

No, Lowe’s gift cards do not expire.

Can Lowe’s gift cards be reloaded?

No, Lowe’s gift cards cannot be reloaded.

What happens if I lose my Lowe’s gift card?

Contact customer service immediately if you lose your Lowe’s gift card. They may be able to cancel the lost card and issue a new one.

Can I use a Lowe’s gift card to purchase other gift cards?

Lowe’s gift cards cannot be purchased for other gift cards.

In conclusion, Lowe’s gift cards are a great way to give the gift of home improvement to friends, family, or employees. Lowe’s gift cards can be purchased online or in-store and do not expire.

Checking the balance of a Lowe’s gift card is easy, and corporate gift cards are available for businesses. If you have questions about Lowe’s gift cards, consult the FAQs or contact customer service.

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